Fire and Safety Audit

Fire and Safety Audit


Why should a Fire Safety Audit be done?

The purpose of a Fire & Safety Audit is to check whether all the provisions are made as per the norms and most importantly they are in perfect working condition as and when the need arises.

To ensure compliance to the law: Failure to carry out a Fire & Safety Audit may result in heavy penalties. These may include cutting off water and electricity supplies of the defaulting establishment and in some cases imprisonment of the responsible people.

Why us for Fire & Safety Audit?

  • We have a qualified, experienced & technical professional team to carry out the Fire Prevention and Life Safety.
  • Expertise and knowledge of various legal and mandatory requirements
  • Experience across all types of occupancies

Fire Audit is a 3 step process:-

  • INSPECTION of all fire safety equipment
  • RECTIFICATION of the flaws pointed out by the initial inspection
  • CONFIRMATION that the entire system is working properly