Fire Blanket


Fire Blanket

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5 Piece


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A Fire Blanket is a safety device designed to extinguish small incipient (starting) fires. It consists of a sheet of fire retardant material asbestos, fiberglass or even ceramic fiber cloth which is placed over a fire in order to smother it. Larger fire blankets, for use in laboratory and industrial situations, are often made of asbestos, ceramic fiber or fiberglass (sometimes treated with a flame retardant fluid). We can offer same in any size and width ranging maximum upto 24 ft (8mtr width). These blankets are usually mounted in vertical quick-release cabinets so that they can be easily pulled out and wrapped round a person whose clothes are on fire: 
• Made from heat and fire resistance fabric like fiber glass / ceramic / asbestos 
• It protects human lives, precious capital goods and other valuable items from fire 
• Ideal for its use in the area of welding works 
• Fire curtains used to prevent radiant heat in hot region such as furnace, boiler etc 
• Flexible / movable curtains made out of the above material are also available which is very ideal for it's used at the time of welding process

Variants : Silica, Fiberglass, Ceramic, Silicone Coated, Vermiculite Coated

The blankets provide excellent protection from grinding / welding sparks, slag and drops of molten metal. We manufacture a wide range of blankets which are non-combustible and classified as per the temperature requirements in many different sizes.

Criteria for selecting the right type of Blanket

Flexibility – The weight of the blanket indicates how flexible the fabric is, a blanket of less weight makes it easier to protect small pipes and components where it’s necessary to wrap the blanket.

Positioning of the blanket – Sparks hitting a blanket, which is positioned horizontally, will put extra stress on the material and a stronger and more heat resistant blanket should be used.

For light duty welding or cutting a thinner and less heat resistant blanket can be used.

For heavy duty welding or cutting when the blanket is exposed to drops of molten metal then a more durable blanket should be used.